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College Acceptances

And they're off to college...

At Riverdale, we are particularly proud that our college-going culture begins freshman year. Supported by rigorous academics and comprehensive college counseling services, our students experience an outstanding college acceptance rate. Equally important, our students are happy with their college choices. 

“We encourage students to look for colleges that meet their academic goals, as well as those that offer the perfect learning environment for them, whether it's a large or small college, rural or urban, what extracurricular activities are important to them and, most importantly, meets their financial requirements.”  

The Riverdale School Board wrote a letter featuring the recent achievements and college acceptances of Riverdale High School.

Here's where you can find our most recent graduating classes:


Class of 2024

Class of 2023

Class of 2023
Senior College Acceptances

Class of 2022

RHS Class of 2022

Class oF 2021


Class of 2020